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Tigger's Lifesaver Award
Tigger's Lifesaver Award

It's actually very easy to win my award.....you just have to be a Lifesaver! Does your site promote rescue, shelter adoptions & spaying/neutering? Maybe you've never really thought of yourself as a lifesaver, but believe me, all of us former shelter pets KNOW that you are. When you adopt a shelter pet, you save one life. For every pet you spay or neuter, you save untold lives. As my way of saying "thank you", I would like to offer my award to any site that promotes shelter adoptions, animal rescue, spaying & neutering and the humane treatment of all animals. If you would like to nominate your site, please send me an e-mail with "Award" in the subject line. Be sure to include your site name & URL. I look forward to hearing from you!
All Shelter Cat Club Members automatically qualify for the award, so if you choose to accept, you may take the award at the top of this page. Just let me know, so I can add your link to the winner's list!

The Winners

Please be sure to visit the following sites. These folks are truly Lifesavers!
The Brat Cats

The Pet Parlor

Hope's Mom's Page

Vicki's Cat Pages

Cabbocca's Home Page-Our Seven Cats

Sandtracker's Cat Pages

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Sociedade Educacional "Fala Bicho"


Qedrin's Home Page

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Paula's World, Ruled by Chops

Always Loving Cats

A Safe Haven for Cats

Pyewacket's Home Site

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Sue's Furry Family

Velvet's Couch

Just Cats

Kim's Kat's Meow

Much Ado About Cats

Pink Champagne

Mmeow's Passion

The Brothers' Page

Peter the Cat

Precious Babies

Minnie's Menagerie


Boomer, the Crazy Cat

The Tails of Two Kitties

People's Anti-Cruelty Association/Albuquerque Animal Rescue

Diabella Loves Cats

The Lilleypad

Beth's Site of Odds & Ends

Tigger, the Bunny

A Cat's Eye View


The Divine Felines


Jedstar's Site for Animals

Stuff and Fluff

Cats Unlimited-Home of the Herd

The Catalina Island Cats

The Cats Meow

Westside Animal Rescue

Welcome to CadWiz's Page

Precious Kittens


Bonique's Niche

Zena's Domain

lisaviolet's cathouse

The Society for Animal Aid, Burlington

Brandi's Kitty Kingdom

Granny's Page

Linda's Place

Animal Awareness

The RugCats Rag

Twin Cities Animal Rescue Page

Cats and More
Three Good Cats

Purr Babies Happy Habitat

Dragon's Lair

Love For Animals

Homeless Adoptable Animals

The Stray House

Humoon 'n Kitties

Midi the Kitty's Homepage

Sanctuary for Animals

Kat Habikat


chez blacatz

Calvin & Sabrina's Meowy World

PAWS for Animal Rescue

Animals in Distress

Tuxedo Junction

J J Cat Castle

Leo's Page

Horses and More

Leicestershire Animal Aid Association

Mountain Kitties

My Cats Corner

K.L.A.A.K Homefinders

VanoraSpring Presents: Life

In Memory of Honey Buns

Oldham Cat Rescue

Rescue Hope

The Clinton Country Clovers 4-H Club

All About Boogie

Animals Have Stories
Bobbie & Bunch
Luke the Cat

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