Cody is a very special friend from the AcmePet Cat's Window Bulletin Board. Cody was born August 25, 1998. When he was 4 1/2 months old it was thought that he had sustained a spinal injury. He was confined to a small cage to keep his movements limited. Over time he regained strength and use of his rear legs, was walking with a "waddle walk", but clearly was much improved. It was then believed that he would always have somewhat of a "waddle walk". In March 1999, he was found to have rotary neck instability during routine anesthesia for castration. He was wrapped in plastic bubble wrap and transported to his specialists within a few hour of neutering. He went under anesthesia again to examine his neck and it was confirmed that he had an extremely rare condition called: Atlanto-Occipital Rotary instability. It is thought that this is a congenital problem, possibly collagen defects. The danger Cody faces is that any wrong movement of his neck can be immediately fatal. He is mainly in a huge cage with his toys where he has a lot of freedom but is somewhat protected at the same time. He is allowed out of his cage in one room with constant supervision only for short periods of time. He and his medical records are being extensively studied and he is under constant veterinary care. He has a wonderful team of specialists, as well as his regular vets.

Through all of this, Cody is a happy, funny, very loving little boy. He has absolutely no pain and actually is just like any other kitty. He does get into mischief and has at times "escaped" his cage and shows that he can run and jump(but he really should not). He is deeply loved by all who meet him and he loves everybody. He is extremely cuddly and sweet. He has a unique gift of touching other people the minute he meets them. He has shown strength, courage and dignity through all of his medical problems. Each breath he takes is a miracle....there are many who felt Cody would not make it to his first birthday, but he has, and his family is grateful for each day. Cody is deeply loved and he returns this love unconditionally.

Queen Bitsy
Bitsy was born in June of 1991, in the middle of a heat wave. Because of the heat, both mom & kittens developed a very bad case of fleas. Mom was miserable, and would barely allow the kittens to nurse. Of course they became very weak, so their human mom tried her best to feed and medicate them. In spite of all her efforts, the kittens were just too dehydrated and anemic to survive, and one by one they died....except for Bitsy. She was eating well but had diarhhea that medication wouldn't stop so it was feared that Bitsy wouldn't survive. When her mom found her in the kitchen floor too weak to stand, she felt sure that she would lose her that day. She held her for hours that day, cuddling her and crying, because she didn't believe that she was going to be able to save her. But Miss Bitsy wasn't ready to give up. When she woke up, she jumped from her mom's arms, and ran to the kitchen to eat! The diarhhea was gone too! Her mom thinks of Bitsy as her miracle baby, but Bitsy just knew that she was destined to become queen. Be sure to visit her and the rest of her royal family at their wonderful website, Dorissimo's Domain...and don't forget to curtsy!

This is Jerry's story, in his Mom's own words:

Jerry was brought to me at about 1-2 weeks old. Apparently one of the neighborhood strays had kittens and some of the area kids found him when the mother was away. They kept him for about a day and tried to feed him tunafish and milk. When they realized he wasnt eating they brought him to my door becuase everyone knew I fed the strays and they hoped I could help. He was so tiny when I first saw him. His hair was all straggly and he looked pathetic. I had actually never dealt with a kitten this young who didnt have a mother. So I called our local animal shelter where my son volunteered part time and they told me about a special formula designed for cats. So we went out and got the formula and a tiny baby bottle. At first he would only take a little, but within a day he was drinking it down with gusto. He was still learning to walk and it was funny to watch him stagger around with his little formula mustache. I learned with in the next day or two that my job of being momma cat wasnt limited to feeding. Jerry was still too young to move his bowels by himself. I had to teach him how to do even that.

Within a couple of weeks Jerry started gaining weight and I started him on some solids while still giving him the formula. It was obvious now he was going to be a healthy kitty... Very healthy. That little 1 week old kitten ended up being an about 25 LB cat. But even as a full grown adult, he will still crawl on me and start kneading me like a kitten kneads their mother. And we all can only wonder what would of happened if those boys hadnt brought him to my door. My guess is he would of died within a couple of days

I truly believe that love can work miracles. When I was adopted from the shelter I was so tiny and sick, but love and care worked a miracle for me. I would love to hear your miracle stories about your cats. Your stories don't have to be as dramatic as Cody's. Maybe your miracle is just the happiness of sharing your life with a wonderful cat. Send me an e-mail (include a picture if you have one,) and I will feature your stories on this page. You will also receive the graphic shown below.

I can't wait to hear from you!


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