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Bob! 271.Bob is a happy spoiled kitty, who has been described as being a"Peaches & Cream Patchwork" cat.He's a big brother to Walter Scott, who is also a member. Diamond! 272.Diamond's mom & pop love her very much, and give her lots of kisses & snuggles. You can meet her whole family Here!
Lizzie! 273. Lizzie was adopted from a shelter when she was 8 wks old. She had been neglected & abused, but now she's in charge of the house! Visit her website to find out more. Annie! 274.Annie was born in a vacant lot, & got separated from her mother when she was only 5 wks old. Her human dad found her & rescued her, so he is her hero! Read more about her Here!
Ludokit! 275.Ludokits mom fostered her and the rest of her litter, but Ludo convinced her that she needed to keep her. Her mom fosters many animals & rescues kitties too. They have a very happy home! Not the REAL Sandy! 276.Sandy was very sick when she was rescued from a shelter, and all her pretty white fur had been shaved. Her people took good care of her, and now she is happy & healthy.She shares her home with 3 other cats & a d*g.
Jazpurr! 277.Jazpurr loves to snuggle down into a pile of clothes or blankets. He purrs really loud, which is how he got his name. Visit him & his brother Mac Here! Mac! 278.When Mac's people first saw him at the shelter, they didn't take him home because they didn't want a long haired cat. But by the time they got home (75 miles away) they knew they had to have him. Now he has a happy home with his brother Jazpurr. Find out more Here!
Keekatt! 279.Keekatt spent the first 2 months of her life on the street, but then she was rescued and taken to a new home. She loves her meowmie and her brother, and she has her very own website too! FurryFace! 280. FurryFace is a 19 year old tuxedo kitty who lives in Manhattan. She says that older shelter kitties make wonderful companions!

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