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I hope you enjoy looking at all the beautiful members, but PLEASE remember...all the photos are the property of the respective club members, so please don't take them without permission!

Muku! 204.Muku's human found him in a shelter in 1995, & took him home to be king! See more pictures here. ?????! 205.This pretty lady needs a name! Visit her website, read her story, and help her human name her!
Governor! 206. Meet Governor! Visit his website to find out how he went from death row inmate to professional model! Not the REAL Smokey! 207.Smokey, who is a short haired gray cat with yellow eyes, likes head bands and string cheese.
Willie! 208.Willie is a one year old tuxedo cat who is very active in CLAW. He also has his very own homepage! Sami! 209.Sami just came to live with Willie. She loves to play chase with her big brother, & she has her own webpage too!
Magnum & Frasier! 210&211.Frasier (the orange guy) was a stray who literally knocked on his mom's door to get in. Magnum, the tabby, was a shelter cat (& Frasier calls him a runt). You can find out all about them at their wonderful website! Not the REAL Stefano! 212.Stefano came from an abusive home. Now he has a family that takes very good care of him, & they named him after a soap opera character!
Grace! 213.Grace is a calico girl with odd-colored eyes. She was adopted from a shelter in July, 1999, and she is a great lap sitter! She was named Grace because of her long, graceful neck. Batgirl! 214.Batgirl is probably Grace's daughter. They were adopted at the same time, and now have a lovely home. Batgirl has a perfect black mask, just like Cat Woman.
Cleopatra & Samantha! 215.Cleopatra is a grey tabby who loves to boss her sister & sleep on her human's bed. 216.Samantha likes to chase everything that moves. Visit them Here to find out more! Maggie Mae! 217.Maggie Mae was adopted from a shelter in Jan.'99. She has big furry paws & she loves to pose for pictures. See more Here!

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