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Even more great shelter cats! Have you ever seen a better looking bunch? Want to join? Click here to find out how!

I hope you enjoy looking at all the beautiful members, but PLEASE remember...all the photos are the property of the respective club members, so please don't take them without permission!

Lady! 15.Lady sings her person to sleep by purring in her ear. Visit her here! Molly! 16.Molly "the red cat" likes to perch in high places. Meet her here.
not the real Mittens 17.Mittens is just 1 year old & was adopted a year ago. Visit her home page Pooh! 18.Princess Pansy(Pooh)got a last minute reprieve at the shelter. Go here to meet her.
Sammy 19.Samantha Bambridge, or Sammy-Bammy. Born in a woodpile, she was the sole survivor. Go visit! not the real Chairman Meow 20.Chairman Meow, a tortie & white cat who lives in London,likes eating, sleeping & indulging in catnip.
Zoe! 21.Zoe is one-half of a set of twins & is a great bug-getter. Visit her here Abby! 22.Abby is Zoe's twin. She's sweet & small, with no tail at all! Visit her page
Yo! 23.This is Yo! He's 8 yrs old & he's on a *diet*! (Don't give Cindy any ideas!) Schnuggi! 24.This is Schnuggi. Adopted in 1990, she lives in Switzerland & her name means "sweetheart"

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Shelter Cat Club Members

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