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I hope you enjoy looking at all the beautiful members, but PLEASE remember...all the photos are the property of the respective club members, so please don't take them without permission!

Not the REAL Kemosabe! 172.Kemosabe is even bigger than me (19.5 lbs of muscle!) He once was a stray, but is now in charge of house security. Siva, Seth & Cullie! 173,174,& 175.Siva & Cullie were strays, & Seth was adopted from a shelter. They lovew to play together & follow their human all around the house.
Daisy! 176. Daisy lives in Portugal with her adopted sister Sweeney. As you can see, she is a gorgeous little girl, and there are lots more pictures here! Not the REAL Ellie! 177.Ellie was the kitten of a street cat in Nova Scotia. She lived in back of a hotel until her person took her home. she loves to play the piano & tear boxes apart.
Not the REAL Tigger! 178.Tigger was also a stray who wound up in the apartment of 2 drug addicts. His mom rescued him, and now he lives with Ellie. I hear he looks like me, but with long hair. Seuss! 179.Meet Seuss! He lives with 2 human companions, and runs the house. He has lots of toys, his own window perch & gets lots of love!
Crissy! 180.Crissy adopted her family while they were at the beach. meet her and her family here! Misty! 181.Misty is a very shy little girl, so when you visit her, you might find her hiding behind the blinds.
BC! 182.BC was dumped at a supermarket parking lot. Now he thinks he's in charge of the household. Meet him here! Tiger Lily 183.TigerLily loves to sit on top of the computer hutch while her mom is working on her homepage!

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