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Bruizer! 162.Bruizer is the big, bad cat of the house, but he gets out of trouble by giving his mom nose nibbles.Visit him Here! Cuba-Marie! 163.Cuba-Marie lives with Bruizer. She was born in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and was rescued at the vet clinic where her mom worked.
Reeses! 164. Reeses can open doors, and can hear a can opener from 3 rooms away. He was adopted from an animal shelter in Maine. Tori! 165.Tori was adopted from a shelter when she was just a baby kitten, and is now the proud owner of three humans.
Jasmine! 166.Jasmine is Tori's sister. They recently moved from Maryland, and are now California girls. Visit them here! Zena! 167.Zena wakes her mom by giving her nose touches & she loves to "cackle" at birds. Visit her at her domain!
Bonique! 168. Bonique is a little shy, but she likes to talk. She also enjoys having her belly tickled & her face rubbed. Scraps! 169.Scraps is a lean and lanky torti with an orange stip right up the middle of her nose. She just loves to have fun and jumps at anything that moves. Visit her here!
Frankie! 170.Frankie wandered into his people's yard & refused to leave. He's been with them now for 14 years! Trissy! 171.Trissy was adopted from a shelter in Denver. She's a big, cuddly kitty & she invites you to visit her homepage.

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