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I hope you enjoy looking at all the beautiful members, but PLEASE remember...all the photos are the property of the respective club members, so please don't take them without permission!

Chipit! 152.Chipit is a 15 yr old long haired silver tabby who lives in Canada. Visit her and her sisters, Chocolate & Jasmine and play their cat trivia game! Not the REAL Whiskers! 153.Whiskers lives in Dallas, Tx. and loves to sit in the sunshine.
Jiyna! 154.Jiyna came to live with her new family on 6-12-99. She enjoys eating cheese and catching mice. Visit her Here! Gorbi! 155. Gorbi was abandoned when she was just a tiny kitten, but now she has a happy home. (She also has 1 blue eye & 1 green eye!)
Sweeney! 156. Sweeney decided to adopt her people after they picked her up at a restaurant. Meet them all Here! Tyson! 157. When Tyson's mom saw him at the Humane Society, he flirted & charmed his way out of the cage & into her heart!
katy! 158. Katy was just a tiny kitten when she adopted her people, and she had to be taught how to bathe herself and use the litter box. Clyde! 159. Clyde is Katy's brother. He's even bigger than me at 20 lbs! He was adopted from a wild litter running in a canyon.
Mimi! 160. Mimi is a little tuxedo kitty who was adopted from her local Petsmart. Visit her great homepage Here! Not the REAL Charlie! 161. Charleston Jay Elvis (Charlie for short)has a little bit of a wild side, and a very special human named Beth.

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