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Shelter Cats are the greatest! Click here to find out how to join!

I hope you enjoy looking at all the beautiful members, but PLEASE remember...all the photos are the property of the respective club members, so please don't take them without permission!

Ivory! 138.Ivory is a gorgeous guy who has won lots of household pet awards. Ebony! 139.Ebony is Ivory's sister & is rather shy. This is one of her favorite hiding spots.
Twooey! 140.Twooey was a tiny fellow when he was found near a he's fat & sassy! Visit himHere! LittleBit! 141.LittleBit was brought to a shelter with a litter of kittens. They were adopted & she was alone- till her mom fell in love with her & brought her home.
Feathers! 142.Feathers lives with Ebony, Ivory, Twooey & LittleBit, and is the newest feline member of the Lilley Pad! Not the REAL Skratchie! 143. Skratchie is a ten pound kitty who was rescued from the Watertown, NY SPCA in Nov. 1997.
Charlie! 144.Charlie is a gorgeous orange tabby who takes good care of his humans. Visit his homepage to find out more. My 1st canine members-Amber & Jed! 145.No, these guys aren't funny looking cats, they really are dogs! They're pretty special, though. Visit Jed & Amber to find out why!
Klooser! 146.Klooser was adopted by his mom & dad when he was just a couple of weeks old. Visit his website to watch him grow! Megan, Sarabelle & Bartacus! 147, 148 & 149.Meet Megan, Sarabelle & Bartacus, AKA the Catalina Island Cats. They all live with Klooser...visit them and read their story.
Kendrick! 150. This is Kendrick, whose nickname is Mr. Mischief. He's also a Catalina Island Cat. Visit him here! Keegan! 151.Keegan found his new home by crying outside the door until they took him in. Visit his homepage to find out more.

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