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Shelter Cats are the Best! Click here to find out how to join!

I hope you enjoy looking at all the beautiful members, but PLEASE remember...all the photos are the property of the respective club members, so please don't take them without permission!

Snooker! 127.Snooker is grey-brown & white & is really fluffy! Lucky! 128.Lucky is black, white & gorgeous, and lives in Australia. Visit her mom's page!
Not the REAL Splatt! 129.Splatt DeeKatt writes a monthly column for The Freddie Street Cats, and he's also been featured at AcmePets Lucy! 130.Lucy is the newest member of Sue's Furry Family. She's still getting adjusted, so drop in & make her feel at home!
Cooper! 131.Cooper was adopted from the Humane Society when he was 6 wks old. Visit him to see why he's the cutest cat on the web! Lucy! 132. Lucy has a case of terminal cuteness. Visit her homepage and see for yourself!
Ethel! 133. Ethel is a laid back kitty who lets her sister, Lucy run the show, but says that she is the brains of the operation. Not the 
REAL Kiki 134. Kiki has 2 d*g brothers and has lots of friends. He has a very good life!
Zorro! 135. Zorro was adopted in 1993, and is now living the good life. Visit him here! Morph! 135. Morph is Zorro's adopted sister, and this pictures shows her first impression of him. Visit her homepage!
Nougat! 136. Nougat lives with Zorro & Morph, and enjoys being carried around like a football. Not the REAL Arigato Arigato lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Shelter Cat Club Members

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