Cat question for the cat experts ;o)
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Posted by: Kelly
04/16/2006, 11:14:28

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We currently do not have any cats. We are moving to the country and I want to get 2-3 cats to have there as pets and also for mouse population. They will of course be fed and part of the family not "barn cats" out to survive on their own by any means. They will be in doors at night but once fixed they will get to be in and out as they please. So now I am finally getting to my question...I have heard that certain colors are seen more as "food" by haws and such and am wanting to avoid that possibility as much as I can. Like I think black and white are seen as skunks....I remember having worked at a humane society that it seemed there was certain colors not viewed as easily by the hawks etc....anyone know which might be safer? I don't want to keep the cats locked in all of the time and I don't want to be viewed as a bad cat person for wanting to have cats be outside when they choose to be either!
Thanks in advance....

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