Animal Cruelty
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Posted by: Tammy Robinson
08/21/2005, 18:11:44

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Sorry if this is not the right place to post, but I desperately need help. I have been trying and trying to post a question on the benny's cat forums under fighting animal cruelty. I cannot register, the link takes me back to the main page everytime. When I hit post, it takes me to the same page.
My daughter's cat passed away. Well actually I think he was kicked. We had an autopsy done and the vet said that he had broken ribs on both sides and that one of his ribs punctured his lung. He suffocated. The story I got from her bf is that two days ago, he fell behind the fridge and that her bf had to pull him out cause he could not move fridge. He said that he swelled and then the next day the swelling went down. Well on the last day of his life, he swelled up 3 times his size. The vet claims that the fridge story is highly unlikely, but that it is possible. The vet thinks that whatever happened, happened a short time before he died. They said that such an injury causes a quick death, it would not take 2 days for him to die. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? I don't see how he could even get stuck behind the fridge. The vet said it was like he got hit by a car. That is pretty forceful. The vet can't say for sure, but thinks it was deliberate. Please help, I don't want to blame someone if they are really not at fault. But I am scared too for my daughter. If this happened he could do something bad to her. I am so sick about this, I loved this cat like one of my kids.

Thank you

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