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Posted by: Williegirl
04/28/2005, 22:14:32

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I have a yard with squirrels now and bought and actual squirrel feeder from eBay and special squirrel food at Target.

The feeder is outside my big kitchen picture window beside my shepherd's hook with a humingbird feeder (had lots last year)on one hook and a small bird feeder on the other.

Today I walked bleary eyed into the kitchen when I had just gotten up and there was a squirrel on top of the feeder munching on a grain of corn, then scurrying back inside the feeder to get another. So I run to get my camera. Dead batteries, darnit. Rechargable batteries; I hate them, they lose their charge in the camera even if it is off, and apparently this is normal when they are new and have not been "used up" a few times.

Inside the window there are an entire herd of cats on the table, chairs, and floor just fixated on Mr. Squirrel out there.

The whole thing made me think of you

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