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Posted by: Guardian-of-4 ®
10/28/2004, 12:46:32

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Please, if you want to help, E-Mail MA at maryanne@meowhoo.com

MA is the one who has been keeping in touch with her (not me). She spoke with LadyLynx on the phone yesterday, and posted this at the board next door…

I am very concerned for her well-being. She is a shattered woman right now, and only a shell of who I remember her to be. At first she did not want to go down that path, but as I too have lost children, we did go there. I did ask her if she was seeing someone professionally and she said yes, so that is good. Her hands don't work right anymore, so computer time is out for her, and besides that her computer is on the way out and the money she makes goes to feed the animals. Her partner was murdered and the day he was killed three of the big cats were taken. One of her cats was hung by a demented person---sigh----

Let me just wrap this up by saying I am supremely worried about her. If I was closer it would be all I could do to not go over there and snatch her away for a little Nikki time-
Please keep her in your prayers if you can.


MA also posted:

If anyone would like to do a small HeartsAboard Express for her- email me. I can't do a full on website with a party atmosphere, but if anyone is truly interested and wants to send me items to cheer her up, I can get the package to her by Christmas-

I'm just so slammed with work, I don't participate in these boards to the extent I used to. But she has been on my heart- so if you are interested email me at maryanne@meowhoo.com and we can go from there. I will take photos of the package and contents before it leaves my house-


I think it would be a wonderful idea – even a small one. I wish I could do something for her but I am taking my Series 7 exam in a couple weeks and am behind in my studying (it’s a 6 hour exam), and I am swamped at work and will be until next year.

Please, if you want to help, E-Mail MA at maryanne@meowhoo.com

Also, please post next door, too. You don’t have to register to post at that particular board.

Now, it’s back to work for me….


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