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Posted by: Rebecca-n-Bernie
08/02/2004, 19:32:50

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Hi! I haven't been on-line much lately, but finally had time to check in. My brother's 2 cats both had kittens back in April, I had them spayed after their milk dried up. Anyway, we decided to take one of the babies, a long-haired orange tabby. On the way back from having him FeLV tested (was negative), I decided he needed a "sibling" to grow up with. So, we stopped at the SPCA shelter on the way home from the vet. I was hoping to find a long-haired calico or dilute tortie kitten. I didn't expect to find who I adopted, a long-haired Scottish Fold kitten The shelter estimated him to be 8 weeks, but our vet said he was only about 6 weeks old. I went on-line searching for a Scottish name for him, and decided on Micah ("full moon" in Scottish); and his "brother" is Rogan ("red headed" in Celtic). I will try to attach a photo to this message of one, then post another message with the other photo. Rogan had Coccidia, so they haven't been out with the rest of the clowder yet.

~Rebecca n' Bernie~
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